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* * * I Am the Grammar Goddess Apostrophe . . .
       * * * Divine Being of the Temple at Thesaurus . . .
            * * * Supreme Deity of Punctuation . . .
                  * * * Patient Protectress of the Grammatically Challenged.

     Do you fear you have dangled one too many modifiers?

     Do problems with the comma put you in a coma?

     Are you about ready to shove that colon up somebody's asterisk (or vice versa)?

     Then worry no more.  I, Apostrophe, will forsake my Temple at Thesaurus, venture into the mortal world and make all problems grammatical disappear by sprinkling them with my Magic Ellipses.

     Perhaps you ask yourself questions like these:

•  Is that a nonrestrictive relative clause (which requires at least one comma)
    or a restrictive relative clause (which requires no comma)?  

•  When does one hyphenate a compound phrasal adjective?  

•  Why are "Is" and "It" always capitalized in the middle of a literary title while
    "if " and "in" usually are not?  

•  And when it all gets to be too much and you must call in sick, should you say,
   "I don't feel very good" or "I don't feel very well"?

    An authentic Grammar Goddess also knows when the rules can (or should)
be broken in order to maintain or enhance a company's "look" or a writer's style.  
In other words, a true Grammar Goddess knows when to let the mortals do it
their way.

    But the Grammar Goddess Apostrophe can do much more than worship at the
Altar of Her Antecedents:  She has the power to vanquish Void and Darkness and
turn Chaos into Copy.

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